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Welcoming Special Needs Children to Your Church

For so many parents who have a “special needs child,” church is not an option. The children’s ministry team is totally under equipped and untrained on how to take care of these children and especially on finding ways to share the gospel with them. Most families leave their special needs child at home with a […]


1-Day Workshop C. Leadership For those in leadership this workshop is also a follow on from our 102 Foundations workshop.  Topics covered is: Building and keeping volunteers: Successful children’s ministries have strong teams that work together towards a common goal. How do you build a great team? This workshop will equip you to be a […]

102 Foundations

1-Day Workshop 102 Foundations is the Intermediate Workshop is the follow on from our 101 Foundation workshop which gives more in-depth training. Topics covered is: Visual Aids: You will be fascinated to learn of the wide range of visual aids that can be used to minister the gospel. Your ministry effectiveness will increase by using […]

101 Foundations

1-Day Workshop 101 Foundations is the Basic Workshop for anyone starting in Children’s Ministry which is the Essential Elements for Sunday Success. Topics covered is: Understanding children: For every volunteer who works in children’s church, if you understand why, it is so vital to minister to children, it will empower and encourage you to apply […]