For so many parents who have a “special needs child,” church is not an option. The children’s ministry team is totally under equipped and untrained on how to take care of these children and especially on finding ways to share the gospel with them. Most families leave their special needs child at home with a caregiver on Sunday because they don’t have peace of mind leaving their child in the hands of untrained staff. Surely these children need the gospel just as much as everyone else.

Pastor Larry and Penny Sauter have been ministering to special needs children for over 30 years. Their knowledge and experience alone will equip you to better understand the needs that are necessary to make your church friendly for these children.

Don’t miss out on this seminar. If you ask us, this is one of the most important seminars a children’s ministry team can attend. I am not sure when we will be able to run this seminar again, so don’t miss this one.

Topics covered are: –

Workshop 1– Biblical Perspective on Ministering to Children with Disabilities
Biblical Perspective on Disability – You Can Make a Difference

Workshop 2 – Interactive Teaching
Including kids with special needs in your classroom and teaching style

Workshop 3 – Behavior Management
An interactive workshop designed to equip you with intervention techniques that will help you become more effective and more fruitful in your ministry.

Workshop 4 – Ministering to Children with Mental Disabilities
The missing components: a relationship with Jesus, a relationship with you

Workshop 5 – Ministering to Children with Physical Disabilities + Questions & Answers
An interactive workshop designed to provide you with a better understanding of children with physical disabilities PLUS Becoming an Agent of God

1-Day Workshop

C. Leadership

For those in leadership this workshop is also a follow on from our 102 Foundations workshop.  Topics covered is:

  1. Building and keeping volunteers: Successful children’s ministries have strong teams that work together towards a common goal. How do you build a great team? This workshop will equip you to be a master “volunteer catcher!”
  2. People Skills: Finding ways for people to work together to get maximum impact can sometimes be a challenge. Once you know how to steer teams of volunteers, you will be on your way to building a great and effective team.
  3. Strengths and weaknesses: Once you have successfully brought in volunteers to work towards a common vision, you will need to be able to recognize different characters with all their strengths and weaknesses. This section will equip you for that.
  4. Creating good structures: As a leader, building the right foundation will really set up the children’s ministry department for strong and sustainable future growth. This section will equip you with the knowledge of various models to choose from to suit your unique church.
  5. Innovation and passion: Teams will only rise as high as the leadership. Arm yourself with tool to be a courageous leader.

1-Day Workshop

102 Foundations is the Intermediate Workshop is the follow on from our 101 Foundation workshop which gives more in-depth training. Topics covered is:

  1. Visual Aids: You will be fascinated to learn of the wide range of visual aids that can be used to minister the gospel. Your ministry effectiveness will increase by using these tools
  2. Leading a child to Christ: The most important part of your Sunday morning is to know how and when to lead your children in a prayer of salvation. Learn a large variety of ways that this can be done in a child friendly way.
  3. Keeping Kids Controlled: There is seldom a children’s church that does not have discipline problems. After this class, you will never again allow a child or a group of children to ambush your ministry of the gospel
  4. Meeting a child’s spiritual needs: All children have spiritual needs, the greatest of which is the need to be forgiven of sin and reconciled to the creator. This section will equip you to help them learn to meet their spiritual needs.
  5. Tithes and Offerings: When children learn how to give tithes and offerings at a young age, they carry the practice into adulthood. This teaching on tithes and offerings will help you make them understand why they have to practice giving when they are still young.


1-Day Workshop

101 Foundations is the Basic Workshop for anyone starting in Children’s Ministry which is the Essential Elements for Sunday Success. Topics covered is:

  1. Understanding children: For every volunteer who works in children’s church, if you understand why, it is so vital to minister to children, it will empower and encourage you to apply yourselves with passion.
  2. Praise and Worship: This is the most vital area for your children’s church. Taking children into the presence of God is the only thing that will change their lives for ever! Essential for every children’s minister.
  3. Storytelling: The Bible comes alive when a story is told with skill and passion. All it takes is to think out of the box and tap into your God given creativity.
  4. Scripture Memorization: Knowing how to make scripture memorization a feature on Sunday morning takes skill and practice. Equip children with a powerful weapon and fill their heart with the word of God.
  5. Object Lessons: If you can keep a child’s attention, then it is easy to minister to them. Learning to present an object lesson skillfully will equip you to powerfully minister God’s word to young hearts and minds.