Abby Hunt

Teaching Ministry Leaders how to reach Children effectively with the Gospel of Christ on a level that they understand and fully grasp it, is at the heart of what we do. There is an old saying "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime." When we can teach a person to fish instead of catching the fish for them, we extend the reach of children's ministry even further. It warms our hearts to hear how children all over Africa and abroad are benefiting as a result of the training that we do. Please keep sending us your stories, we love hearing from you.

Stan Drew

Hi! I just want to say a big "thank you" for the very inspiring training seminar last Saturday! I appreciate your assistance in registering our group. The training material was creatively presented and our team went away inspired toward excellence in ministering to children. We`re all looking forward to you being with us in Swaziland this May.

Pastor Princisca Tanyaniwa

Dear Gail and Neville, Our children said this was one of the best programs they experienced. Christian could almost word-for-word rehearse the things Mellow Monster said and they loved the songs and could remember the memory verse. Melodie (the 6 year old) could remember very well what the message was, didn’t like Sipho but loved the tricks. Linda said she noticed how the grade 7 boys slowly “defrosted” and enjoyed the program. I am so grateful, and yes all I hoped for. Thank you!

Valerie Killian

Hi Gail I trust that you are good. I just want to express our gratitude and appreciation on behalf of our church leadership and children's ministry teachers. Your ministry to us as we have come to Jacksons' ridge and your follow-up with family services you have done for us have been tremendous. The first time we came through for training with the children's ministry workers we had no idea of how to make the ministry work. We had teachers that just loved children and tried all they could do to keep the "kids busy" as parents were in church. Well, we were so blown away by the fact that children's ministry is not about just babysitting and keeping them busy. I just want to appreciate the stuff we have learned. From unplanned chaotic Sundays to organized, structured teachings. You taught us how to enter into worship with children and the children themselves have a greater love for Sundays. One Sunday after we came from the ministry training, one child commented "Teacher I am loving church and I told my mom we must get to church early because I am in the choir." As for my kids, they have enjoyed the object lessons and they feel church is fun (as a pastor, when your own kids don't enjoy church you do get concerned and wonder for others) Praise God because of Jacksons Ridge they smile all the way through. We have found that object lessons, gospel illusions and puppets have made a significant difference when teaching. We are so honoured to be a part of the Jacksons Ridge family and we look forward to coming over soon. Bless you

Dear Neville and Gail, I write to you today in my personal capacity to express my appreciation for the ministry that you carried out at our church.  We so enjoyed the excellent manner in which your ministry is conducted and we felt and witnessed your passion for the cause of children’s ministry. We have implemented and applied all of your teachings in our children’s ministry department.  This department has gone from “struggling” to being a very happy place for children to attend on a Sunday morning.  We are hearing stories from parents that the children are waking them up on a Sunday morning, keen and eager to get to church.  They arrive excited and they can’t wait to hear what the Lord has in store. Following your teaching on Praise and Worship, this time has become so special.  All the children participate, and many of them are experiencing God on a new level.  We have children eagerly seeking God’s face.  Thank you for bringing revelation to us regarding worship in children’s ministry.  It has truly transformed lives. Thank you for all that you do for the body of Christ.  You shared with us that your heart was to come alongside the local church to assist them to bring their children’s ministry to a new level.  You have truly strengthened our church through your ministry and have been a blessing in every possible way.  We want to encourage you to continue on with the excellent work that you are doing. We look forward to the future, and hope that we can once again bring you back for more training.  We know that you have so much more to give and we look forward to learning all that you have. Many blessings,

Marieta Du Randt

Dearest and Awesome JR Staff, Uncle Neville, Aunty Gail, Sonja, Leah & Kyle I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for all you’ve done for us last week during director’s training. It was an absolute blessing being there with you guys. I know it’s a lot of preparation beforehand with admin, accommodation, food etc. So I really don’t want to leave anybody out cause I know you all have worked hard to make it special for us, and special it was ;-))! Thank you for the amazing meals we’ve had Im sure we all gained a couple of kg’s but it was delightful (and im fussy) hehe. Thank you Uncle Neville for keeping us awake while teaching us new things. You really have used your teaching anointing to portray to us what God expects from us in the future, and God spoke through you in a special way, to me and I believe to all the others as well. Although im trying real hard, words cannot explain my gratitude!!! This couple of days has changed my life so much you would not understand and I am ready for whatever God has planned for the future and im excited about it! Please extend my deepest gratitude to all the other staff who’s names I don’t know, as I know things don’t just ‘get’ clean or bed don’t just get made by themselves ;-) I will have to send a personal email to Leah… as this is not personal enough for her yellow personality J I truly hope I didn’t leave anybody out!!! May God Bless you all richly!!! Much Love

Orban School

I thought that you would like to hear about some success from your recent CM Basics seminar.  Ingrid (Justice's sister) came away from that seminar excited and ready to use what she had learned.  That evening, she sent me a text asking if I could bring balloons for her to use in teaching the memory verse the next day.  (Of COURSE I agreed).  When she got into the car the next day (Sunday), she excitedly regaled us with just about every story or example that you guys shared!  She used the balloon-popping method for the memory verse and told the Bible story using kids as actors... and she did a great job.  But, the thing that I wanted to share with you most was what happened this past Sunday.  She asked to tell the Bible story again, and she surprised us all by coming out in a costume!  As soon as I saw her walking up, I smiled because I could immediately see her inspiration.  She had borrowed a dress from her mom and a wig from me, and wrapped a scarf around her head... and proceeded to tell the story to her "friend" (she changed things up by choosing a kid from the audience to come and sit beside her to listen).  She even used an accent -sounded a bit Captonian to me.  Anyway, I could tell she was inspired by your character story.