Train up a Child

These people are so passionate for God`s Kingdom purposes, God`s children, I was bowled over how God revealed Scripture to them regarding children and HOW TO TRAIN UP A CHILD in the ways of God, so they have a relationship with God, doing God`s business, like we talk to each other, Like Jesus talked two-way conversation with God, that`s how we should be and our children - that`s the standard, and I realised I teach my child from my adult filtered mind, or how I was taught at children`s church. Just by listening to them the anointing was so strong, I was delivered of so much of my old self as they ministered in Truth, I know my Father`s heart more, Serving God is passion and fun and exciting, full of victory (my agenda blocks Gods works, my agenda blocked the children from coming to who Jesus really is). When God says things - these kids trained up in God`s way - they believe, get revelation, God talks to them and they to God, can only imagine like Adam and God in Eden. And its our mandate to train these children. I`m transformed so excited about God and His Kingdom that needs to come to earth, I thank God for the privilege of these people laying down their lives to empower us how to minister to children through Godly revelation knowledge.

God revealed to them the most critical age to train children is 0-4, and I thought my grandfather told me lots of folklore stories IF ONLY he knew how to minister Jesus to me. How many babies and toddlers come our way that we hinder to get to Jesus, just because we are ignorant to minister to them. Like Neville said at training last week, they train the rural kids to love God`s Word, so i.e. if a child is called to be a doctor and the child learns to seek God`s Kingdom - God promises to provide everything needed - resources - talks to the child to study. Mat 6:33.

Especially you fathers/men - your birth-right is leadership, authority, head of God`s family, Come grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, woman, men, young people, high school, uni come be empowered and trained how to effectively minister Jesus so that they will not depart from God`s purposes in their lives.

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