Thank You

I want to thank you and bless you for being so inspirational and bringing us closer to the Father heart and saving us.

Some of us where teachers that thought they didn`t need training in children - but they all where blown away and learnt so much.

We learnt to dance, let it out and God and the gospel is fun - so we got saved, our God is awesome fun and alive and we must believe in His Word and experience the miracles to have authority in the spirit to minister to children. Awesome beyond belief.

And the biggest change is to minister to babies and toddlers about Jesus and we see phenomenal changes in the babies and joy returning at the orphanage. The little sour-faced angry new-borns spirits respond to the gospel and that they created wonderfully in God`s eyes, Jesus was also adopted and God brought them with a special purpose only they can fulfil and we just bless bless and continue to bless them with the Word of God and the miracle of their faces after few weeks changing and smiling.

The children`s church boomed and incredibly fun, parents where coming because of the children, Holy Spirit was moving and children were saved weekly and then bringing their friends. You mentioned children get attracted to certain adults because they carry the same gifting and that men are so important. Most church members got involved either with praise or story telling, acting plays or counselling, tithes it was incredible, toilet duty rotating monthly, most who never knew they could speak to kids. And what I`m most proud about - the fathers took up their roles, sometimes a service would have five men - incredible.

God told us to change from Sunday to Friday nights, so currently there is no children`s church Friday nights, but I felt the Spirit say that parents hardly see their children during the week - Saturday is sports and school activities and Sunday church - so now Sundays parents can teach their children personally about God, further increasing family time and bonding time.

May God richly bless you. And thank you so much for being a blessing to us.

Ariel Gate.

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