Thank You

Hello Gail and team

I wanted to say a very big "Thank you" - for all that you and your team did for our children this past weekend. I managed to meet the bus at the last drop off, and saw 2 of our children and 1 leader (the bulk got off at the earlier stop) so I haven`t yet got all of the feedback - we will surely hear this coming Sunday - but the 2 children looked so
relaxed and calm - and different. They looked like kids who had been filled up and were content and happy. They loved the camp and wanted to tell me all that they did - but a big rain storm was coming so I dropped them off and dashed home.

One of the boys named Thabang, had begged us last time there was a Jackson`s Ridge Camp to be allowed to go, but he was 8 years old then, and the organisers were not prepared to bend the rules for him. He had been very disappointed. This time around, he was not at Sunday School for the 2 weekends preceeding the camp - and last Sunday before camp I saw him sitting outside when I dashed to run an errand and invited him in. I remembered that he had been so keen before - but we had already
allocated the places. During the week before the camp I thought about him a few times and hoped to get him on the camp. With more places opening up - I was more hopeful, but I hadn`t given him a form. On Friday while driving to take our leader to the bus collection - I had a spare form with me. I couldn`t face dissapointing him again if there was no place - so we arrived early and checked how many kids had arrived. All were there but one, so Tankiso (the boy leader) got Thabang`s mom`s cell number from one of the children and we called her. He packed in 15 minutes flat! We sped off to collect him and had his mom sign the form. And he was on the bus!!! Tankiso told me that after
returning to the dorm as the last of his group after a shower on one of the nights, Thabang had his bible open and was sharing with the other boys in his group. I think God has a plan for this boy!

And Tankiso was thrilled to testify that it was the first time that the children who were praying for the leaders, prayed for him in tongues - and he really felt the touch of the Holy Spirit. He also said that the children LOVED the music and songs. I really must order some of your music for our Sunday school. They love the Hillsong music but we are
always on the lookout for more. I did plan to get the R50 CD after I attended your session at the Sunday School Ministry Conference in March. But I forgot about it in the busyness of life. If you could advise which CD`s you used this weekend - that would be great.

Thanks SO much. We will send more testimonies as we hear them. God is great, and His love for these children never ends!!

kind regards

Kerrin Badham

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