The SKY Program is a 3-year program that has been specifically designed to support the local church to reach out effectively into their communities by adopting a school in their area. The church will become a spiritual support base to the school, offering prayer and support to the school leadership and teachers. There will be 3 separate Camps held for the Grade 5's, 6's and 7's, thereby ensuring that each year the children will return to camp to build on the foundation that was laid the previous year.

This is How the SKY Program Works:
  • Your church chooses a school to adopt
  • Appointments are set for weekly prayer and support at the school
  • Camp dates are booked for Grade 5, 6 and 7
  • Sponsorship is sought to assist individuals to attend camp
  • Kids attend camp and experience life change!
Grade 5 Camp - W.A.L.K (Wisdom Acquired thru Learning Knowledge)

Einstein once said, "Experience is learning, everything else is just an exchange of information." We all learn more by doing than listening, that is why it is so important that we give our children an opportunity to learn through experience. Experiential learning has been proven to aid children in attention span and in information retention.

For Grade 5's at a JR camp, life change will happen through experience. The focus of this camp is helping children to make wise decisions. Sometimes that is a difficult concept to grasp, but put them through an experiential learning activity, they will face the consequences of making poor decisions in a safe and nurturing environment. They will learn the process of making wise decisions about their lives, way ahead of time. The longer they live with these decisions, the more they will become part of their lives.

Grade 6 Camp - R.U.N

When the kids come back to JR for the second year, we build on last year's process. If they have applied good decision making to their lives, they will realise that as they go on to become seniors the following year, this position hold a sense of responsibility. All the younger children in the school look up to the seniors and they become role models for them.

The Grade 6's will be taught what a "good role model" is all about. They will be encouraged to become examples of high standards and moral integrity and they will be encouraged to step into the calling that is on their lives. This is an essential step to adulthood.

Grade 7 Camp - L.E.A.P (Learning Essential Adult Principles)

JR offers a unique camp specifically designed for the Grade 7's. This program will help prepare these kids for the jump from Primary School to Senior School, which can be hard on many children. The choices they make in their first year of High School can set the scene for those difficult teenage years.

Topics addressed during camp are:
  • Making quality decisions
  • Learning about the opposite sex
  • Being cool but keeping my Godly principles
  • The power of a “good name”
  • The dangers of "free love" (HIV/Aids awareness)
  • Planning my life to reach my goal!
How can you be involved with the SKY Program?
  • Your church can adopt a school and begin the process of "Changing Children's Lives"
  • You can choose to sponsor a whole camp, thereby making it possible for kids from a previously disadvantaged school to receive the benefits of this life changing program
  • You can choose to sponsor just one or a few children thereby assisting kids who cannot afford the camp fees to attend camp.

The effectiveness of bringing children back to camp more than once, has proven to be extremely beneficial to the child. If the church sets up intercession teams, contact point teams and Bible Study or Cell Groups in the school with the teachers this, linked with the SKY Camping Program, will bring about regeneration and life change for all involved.

It is a great opportunity for the church to reach out into their community and establish long term relationships and unity. Joining hands with Jackson's Ridge will certainly "Change Children's Lives!".

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